Hyper Blue Bluegrass Seed – 50LB

Our 50 lb bag, $320 per bag, can cover 6,250 sq ft of new seeding and 12,500 sq ft of overseeding.

Colorado’s Hyper Blue brings together the perfect blend of bluegrass and hybrids assembled to satisfy the needs of the sports turf manager and park and recreation manager, as well as the homeowner looking for a great-looking lawn.

The turfgrass varieties used in this hybrid contribute to its dark green color and thick, high density growth that will stand up to high traffic associated with parks and athletic fields. Its dwarf growth characteristics result in fewer mowings and reduced maintenance costs.

Colorado’s Hy-Performance Blue possesses excellent disease resistance. This strong drought-tolerant turf tolerates heat and low water usage while maintaining its color without excessive use of fertilizer.

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