Natural Sod


I don't usually write reviews. But what an amazing response and a beautiful outcome. I called 3 other landscape companies. One didn't show, one showed but never put together an estimate, and one came back with a big dollar estimate that was ridiculous for the size of the job. Jake was prompt and professional. He offered suggestions on design. He got the job scheduled right away. The team worked quickly and I was updated daily. I can't recommend this company too highly.

Susan Urbieta

This company is fantastic. They immediately responded to my request and scheduled a visit to my home. The representative showed me actual samples of turf products, took measurements, scheduled the install and completed the project in one day. The work was extremely professional and now I have a beautiful backyard area instead of bare dirt where nothing would grow. My dogs were ecstatic--my golden retriever immediately took his favorite shoe outside and laid with it in the "grass.

Jeannine Haag

As you can imagine, I've been slowly scouring over every square foot of my new turf and I LOVE IT! Thanks for everything, the install was smooth and the results are fantastic, we are very pleased.

Michael L


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