For more than four decades, Graff's Turf has been a Colorado sod supplier dedicated to growing and delivering superior turf grass for sports fields, golf courses, commercial property and homes. We recognize that each customer has unique needs and situations. From the residence with heavy shade, to the football field that requires excellent drainage, our Colorado sod supply company delivers a species or blend of grass that is best suited to provide the best result.

Experts in Sod

Graffs Co Owners

Our expertise as a Colorado sod supplier has been furthered through partnerships with leading trufgrass programs at universities across the country, as well as our research work with companies developing new licensed grass seed hybrids and varieties for specific climates and applications.

Graff's Turf offers the widest variety of turfgrass in the industry. Along with our own proprietary blends, we can provide fresh-cut sod grown under license from several innovative leaders in turfgrass development. Our customers have found that they can expect the perfect solution from our team of advisors and growers. Every order we ship is guaranteed; we stand behind each sale so you can stand (and play) on your grass with confidence.

Graff's Turf Farms is co-owned by Marty Thiel and James Graff. Through dedication and perseverance, Graff's Turf has become a leading sod grower in Colorado and across the US, with an emphasis on quality, innovation, and superior customer service.


Graff's Turf supports industry organizations that promote high standards of professional excellence and "green" practices that ensure environmental responsibility. Our support of professional associations reflects our commitment to providing our customers the highest degree of quality and service.


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