Installation Guide

The Following Steps are Essential for the Establishment of a New Lawn


Prepare the site prior to the arrival of the sod.
  • Remove weeds and debris.
  • Establish a rough grade and eliminate low spots.
  • Spread and rototill a minimum of 3 cubic yards of organics per 1,000 square feet at last 2 inches deep.
  • Level and rake the installation site until its smooth.
  • Grade areas along sidewalks and driveways approximately 1 1/2 inches below top of concrete.


Have on site all hoses and sprinklers for the initial watering.
  • Make sure sprinkler system is performing properly.
  • Understand the operation of your sprinkler clock for proper watering of the new and established lawn.


Order sod to be delivered once site is prepared and the sprinkler system is understood and working properly.


Install the sod immediately after delivery.
  • Arrange the rolls so there is a minimum amount of traffic on the prepared soil and the newly installed grass.
  • Start along the longest straight edge such as the driveway or the sidewalk and lay sod in a horizontal brick pattern.
  • Once the area is approximately 15 feet by 15 feet has been laid, unrolled, and fertilized, water immediately. The object is to not let the sod dehydrate.
  • Butt ends and sides of the sod strips making sure there is no overlapping and no gaps.
  • Fit the sod around obstacles or in smaller places by simply cutting dirt side with a sharp knife.


Water properly.
  • Once all the sod is laid, begin water to build up the sub-soil moisture.


Keep all pet and foot traffic on the new lawn to a minimum for at least 2 weeks, but preferably 30 days.
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