Choice Bluegrass Seed 50LB

Our 50 lb bag, $320 per bag, can cover 6,250 sq ft of new seeding and 12,500 sq ft of overseeding.

Colorado’s Choice Bluegrass has a beautiful dark green color, soft padded texture, and
aggressive growth habits. This widely used blend has been utilized for many types of locations including sports fields, golf courses, parks, and thousands of private residences. This cool season grass will stay green 8-9 months out of the year and possesses excellent winter hardiness. It grows well in sunny areas while maintaining the aggressiveness to handle the wear and tear provided by children and dogs.

Colorado’s Choice thrives in a wide range of soil types and conditions, requiring much less water than bluegrass varieties grown decades ago. A well-balanced nitrogen fertilizer should be applied in 4-5 separate applications throughout the year. This bluegrass may be mowed on average once a week at a variety of heights, adjusting for water and seasonal temperatures.

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