Soil Preparation For Sod

For large sod installation areas with at least a 9-foot access, we offer 4′ by 100′ sod rolls that eliminate 80% of the seams created by other products and grass installation methods. For smaller project areas, we offer versatile, easy-to-handle 2’ x 5’ rolls that are expertly installed by our sod professionals. Our professional installation services in Colorado include top-quality sod, sod delivery, and sod installation along with a thorough job cleanup of your front yard.

All of our Colorado sod installers are fully trained in handling our products and following our grass install procedures. Sod tear-out services, soil prep, and grading services are also available for an additional fee. Grass hand-carry and laying fees also apply in areas not accessible by forklift. Contact us today to discuss the project details and request a free onsite lawn estimate with competitive pricing from our Colorado sod experts.


Big Roll Installation

Harvesting and installing big sod rolls at 4’ wide by 100’ long will result in a drastic reduction in seams and seam appearance. The larger sod segment size also allows you to enjoy the full benefit of your new lawn or landscape in less time than traditional methods.

Big rolls will stay in place better than standard-sized sod rolls. Each sod roll weighs approximately 2,100 lbs and requires specialized equipment to install. Overall, with proper maintenance and careful planning, a beautiful and thriving big roll sod lawn is well within reach! Call today for a free estimate and a no-obligation visit to see if big sod roll delivery is an option that fits your Colorado property needs.

Tear Out, Soil Prep, AND GRADING

Soil Preparation

We also offer Colorado landscaping sod tear out, sod removal, disposal, soil preparation, and grading services.  We will tear out your existing sod, remove weeds, and haul off the spoils if your project requires it.  Our soil preparation includes 3-4 cubic fill yards of compost per 1,000sq ft that is incorporated into your existing lawn soil.  We offer yard fine grading and fertilizing to help control weeds to complete the process of sod installation.

When preparing to install new landscaping or a lawn, it is crucial that the ground be prepared properly. First, any existing vegetation, plants, or landscaping needs to be removed from the site. Once the area has been cleared, it must be turned over to loosen the topsoil and allow air and light to penetrate to help prevent weeds. Depending on the existing soil quality, this step may also involve adding nutrients or amending the soil with other fill materials. Finally, after proper preparation is complete, grading can begin. This ensures you get a healthy green lawn upon installation.

Colorado Professional Sod Installation

When it comes to installing new sod, Graff's Turf is a professional Colorado sod business and does a fantastic job with grass installation. With irrigation systems or a sprinkler system in place, your new sod will be off to a great start. Whether you're looking for just sod or a more complete sodding project, we offer top-quality landscaping install services that are at a competitive price.

If you're looking for professional grass installed in Colorado, then look no further than our team here at Graffs Turf. We have years of sod install experience working on everything from simple front yard projects to large commercial grass jobs. We pride ourselves on always delivering high-quality yard results to our customers on every job.

If you're looking for the perfect front lawn in Colorado, look no further than Graffs Turf! With our friendly team of landscaping experts and years of experience under our belts, we guarantee that you'll be impressed with the fantastic job Graff's Turf does. Our Colorado-based project managers will work closely with you to understand exactly what your front yard project needs are, ensuring that we utilize the best sod for your unique project. We'll help you schedule a project that fits within your budget and maintenance schedule and then work with speed and efficiency to get the job done quickly and precisely.

Whether you're looking to spruce up the backyard of your new residential house, a small front lawn landscaping install project or you need a reliable partner for larger commercial site grass installed in Colorado, we're here to help. So contact us today to get started on your dream green yard!

Enjoy your new lawn!


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