Colorado’s Tall Fescue

Spec Sheet

Colorado’s Tall Fescue is a dark green, turf-type tall fescue that has proven its hardiness in extreme climates with cold winters and hot summers. This tall fescue is semi-dwarf, fine fescue is lower maintenance, both warm-season grass, and cool-season grass, and is lower-growing than traditional bluegrass.

This variety is extremely shade-tolerant and has strong insect and disease resistance. After its establishment, Colorado’s Fescue needs much less water than traditional bluegrass. It is well adapted to a wide variety of soil types, requiring low to medium nitrogen fertilizer applications only 3 times a year.

Are you looking for the perfect turf grass for your lawn? If so, you may want to consider Colorado Tall Fescue. This grass is turf-type tall fescue, which means that it is ideal for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.

Drought Resistant Fine Fescue

It is also deep-rooted, so it can withstand frequent mowing. In addition, Colorado Tall Fescue is the right grass for people who live in hot, dry climates. It is drought-resistant and can survive long periods of heat and sun. So if you’re looking for tough, drought-resistant grass, Colorado Tall Fescue may be the perfect grass type for you.

During the more aggressive growing months, this grass only needs to be mowed once every 1 to 2 weeks. Tall fescue is suitable for use in lower-use home lawns, commercial properties, parks, and golf courses rough where wear tolerance and water conservation are a consideration.

Turf Type Tall Fescue

If you’re looking for both warm-season grass and other cool-season grasses, or grass that can withstand Colorado’s harsh weather conditions, Colorado’s Tall Fescue is a great option. This fine fescue has excellent drought tolerance and can tolerate heavy foot traffic, making it perfect for homes with active families or pets.

Fine Fescue Grass Types

Colorado’s Tall Fescue also has a deep root system and aggressive rhizomes that help it stay green and healthy during periods of drought. And, because Tall Fescue is a cool-season grass, it remains green throughout the year, even when other grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass and Buffalo grass have turned brown. So if you’re looking for a tough, low-maintenance turf type with high drought tolerance and shade tolerance that can handle anything Colorado throws its way, Tall Fescue is a perfect choice for your lawn area.

Weather Tolerance

With its warm weather tolerance and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, it’s no wonder that Colorado Tall Fescue is a popular grass choice for lawn care. This variety of fine fescue is warm-season grass, which means it’s well-suited for growing in hotter climates. It’s also more resistant to wear and tear than other grasses, making it a good choice for areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Shade Tolerance

Colorado Tall Fescue is a grass type that is known for its shade tolerance. The average temperature in the shade is one of the key environmental variables that determine plant growth. This makes it a popular choice for commercial property owners who want to reduce the amount of mowing they have to do. It is also a common grass in the Denver area, as the city has many shady areas. The grass does well in both full sun and partial shade, and it is resistant to drought and disease. Colorado Tall Fescue is a low-maintenance grass that will add beauty to any commercial property landscape.

Lawn Care

In terms of lawn care, Colorado Tall Fescue is relatively low-maintenance compared to other grasses. It’s also relatively drought-tolerant, so you won’t need to water it as often. If you’re looking for a hearty, low-maintenance grass type for your lawn, Colorado Tall Fescue is a great option.


Low Mowing Requirements

Drought Tolerance

Shade Tolerance


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