Sod Delivery & Installation Fort Collins

Sod Fort Collins

Graff's Turf provides premium sod installation to Fort Collins residents and offers extensive options for various purposes. The variety of sod in Fort Collins can be overwhelming. However, our team can walk you through all available choices and determine the appropriate kind for your lifestyle, needs, and new lawn.

Replacing sod is an essential part of a yard renovation. As a Colorado sod farm, Graff's Turf can help with the planning process to create a beautiful lawn. For instance, we can account for elevation, sloped land, sun exposure, moisture needs, and more. 

Professional Sod Installation in Fort Collins

Our team has years of experience installing sod perfectly in Colorado and seamlessly in numerous environments. We will also clean up after performing the sod job so you can enjoy and maintain your new lawn easily and without stress. Additionally, our sod farm offers landscape grading, sod removal, and ground prep as add-on services to the primary sod installation job.

Preparing for Sod Installation and Aftercare

We recommend taking critical steps to achieving the best results when installing your sod and maintaining it afterward. Consider the following:

  1. Prepare the site by rototilling the area, grading walkways, and driveways, and removing any stray plants or weeds.
  2. Ensure your sprinklers and hoses are working perfectly and ready for the sod.
  3. Order sod once the watering system is active and you have finished preparing the site. 
  4. Install the sod as soon as Graff's Turf delivers it to you with the least amount of traffic possible. Do not let the sod become dehydrated and avoid gaps or overlaps. You should follow a brick pattern and lay the sod horizontally. 
  5. Generously water your sod and avoid walking on it for a recommended time of a month or two weeks minimum.

Fort Collins Sod Delivery Services

We deliver your choice of sod to landscapers, business owners, contractors, and residential property owners to create the most beautiful landscape possible. Whether you order one roll or many, we guarantee our sod is fresh for our Monday-Saturday delivery schedule.

Some of the most popular choices for sod in Fort Collins are:

Contact Graff's Turf for Sod Installation in Fort Collins, CO!

Graff's Turf is proud to provide commercial and residential sod installation in Fort Collins, CO. We crafted trusted blends of sod that clients have used for a wide variety of lawn projects. These projects include soccer facilities, golf turfs, farms, and newly renovated yards.

Whatever the purpose, Graff's Turf can help you find the right kind of sod. Our team will determine a convenient time to deliver or install it.

Purchase sod online or call us at (800) 280-TURF to find the right type for you with our team's assistance. We have the best sod in Fort Collins!

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