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Your customers demand a beautiful landscape without breaking their bank or yours.
Your reputation is on the line with each customer you serve. 
Your competitive advantage depends on trusted partners that share your vision, get it, want it, and capacity to predictably get it done every time.
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  • Can’t risk your reputation on poor quality and execution?
  • Don’t have the time or patience to micro manage?
  • Need natural sod solutions tailored to your customer’s unique needs?
  • Need your partner to deliver on time within budget, EVERY TIME?
  • Need peace of mind with a trusted partner that does what they say, does it with respect, does it with extreme ownership, and always does the right thing?

Landscaping homes, schools, campuses and everything in between.

Let us serve as your trusted partner. Graff’s Turf Farm has been delivering natural sod projects with landscapers and contractors for over four decades

Over 400 million sf of natural sod tailored and installed at homes, schools, parks, recreational facilities, playgrounds, professional sports facilities, campuses, and golf courses.

Our partners consistently rank us above our competitors in five key areas:

  • Sod Quality
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Service Quality
  • Pricing

We keep it simple.

We seamlessly integrate with you, your team, and your customer using our proven "Graff’s Turf Process".

  1. Advice to craft the right solution for your customer.
  2. Quotation to spec the cost effective solution for your customer.
  3. Install on time, every time.
  4. Signoff to ensure we exceed expectations.

Resulting in your customer’s glowing reviews and word of mouth referrals to organically grow your business.

Please let us know how we can earn your business today!

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