Designers and Architects

Designers and Architects

We help you deliver award winning designs that make a difference.

Designers Architects
  • Tired of the commodity artificial turf vendors?
  • Need state of the art eco-friendly turf solutions that are not only conservation conscious but will not fill up our landfills?
  • Need a sod solution that is tailored to your project's needs?
  • Need experts in fescue, bluegrass, ProVista, and drought tolerant Dog Tuff Turf and Buffalo Grass to name a few?

Your reputation is always on the line as you juggle the constantly shifting puzzle pieces. The "thrill of victory or agony of defeat" is dependent on trusted partners that share your vision, get it, want it, and capacity to predictably deliver every time.

Buffalo Grass
  • Want your project designed, delivered, and installed on time within budget, EVERY TIME?
  • Want peace of mind with a turf partner that does what they say, does it with respect, does whatever it takes, and always does the right thing in full support of the greater good of your project for humanity.

Designing for a home, school, corporate campus, professional ball field or anything in between?

Graff’s Turf Farm has been a trusted partner for over four decades delivering sod solutions and have answered the call to champion the water conservation and sustainability needs of our communities with our artificial turf solutions through our Next 2 Natural Turf division.

Graff’s Turf Farm

Over 2 million sf of turf designed and installed at schools, homes, campuses, recreational facilities, and playgrounds. 

Over 400 million sf of sod designed and installed at professional sports facilities, golf courses, schools, homes, campuses, recreational facilities, and playgrounds

We are easy to work with using our "Convert2Conserve" process.

  1. Consult to craft the best solution for your project.
  2. Install on time every time.
  3. Signoff to exceed expectations.
  4. Maintenance to ensure product longevity.

Resulting in your client's community being the best version of itself because of the space you created.

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