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Elite Producers of Turfgrass

Elite Producers of Turfgrass

For more than three decades, Graff’s Turf has been a Colorado sod supplier dedicated to growing and delivering superior turf grass for Sports Fields, Golf Courses, Commercial Property and Homes.

We’ve learned over the years that each customer has unique needs and situations. From the residence with heavy shade to the football field that requires excellent drainage, our Colorado sod supply company delivers a species or blend of grass that is best suited to provide the best result.

Our expertise as a Colorado sod supplier has been furthered over the years through partnerships with leading turfgrass programs at universities across the country, as well as our research work with companies developing new licensed grass seed hybrids and varieties for specific climates and applications.

These are among the reasons that Graff’s Turf offers the widest variety of turfgrass in the industry. Along with our own proprietary blends, we can provide fresh-cut sod grown under license from several innovative leaders in turfgrass development. Our customers have found that this means they can expect the perfect solution from our Colorado sod supplier team of advisors and growers.

Every order we ship is guaranteed; we stand behind each sale so you can stand (and play) on your grass with confidence.

GTF Tall Fescue

One of tall fescue’s most desirable qualities is its ability to handle more shade than most other turfgrasses ...

Hy-Performance Blue

HY-PERFORMANCE BLUE brings together the benefits of two types of turfgrasses with the perfect blend of bluegrasses ...

Latitude 36 Bermuda grass
GTF Kentucky Bluegrass

This is by far the most widely used grass. Our 4-way blend has a beautiful dark green color, soft padding-like texture ...

Healthy Grass Technology

Black Beauty Turfgrass varieties are more drought tolerant and disease resistant....

Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect backyard getaway...

TWCA approval means that these plants have successfully met a stringent set of ...