Water During The Winter Pays Off Next Spring

Water During The Winter Pays Off Next Spring

Winter Watering Helps Preserve Lawns

As we look ahead to colder temperatures and grass in your lawn that will go dormant until Spring, now is a good time to reach out to your customers with recommendations on fertilization and watering.

There is still time to fertilize and provide lawns with the nutrients to prepare for dormancy. Graff’s Turf fertilizer blend, available in 40 pound bags (covering 8,000 sq. ft.), has everything a lawn needs for the season.

Winter watering is rarely discussed, but can make a dramatic impact on the health of your lawn when the weather warms next year. An article published on-line by Colorado Springs Utilities offers a helpful checklist for homeowners (and commercial property owners) regarding both fertilization and watering.

Among their tips for watering:

  • Water at mid-day so it can soak in before it freezes.
  • Choose a warm winter day with air temperature above 40 degrees F (we’d suggest 50+ degrees) and unfrozen soil.
  • Water one to two times per month from November to April.
  • It is most critical to water in March and April when the new roots are forming.

The dehydration that many lawns suffer during the winter is harmful to the root system, and strong, healthy roots are needed to produce healthy plants. This is especially true of newly installed sod, where roots are still establishing.

Two other resources are the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension and PlantTalk Colorado (with the latter providing advice primarily on trees and other landscaping).

If you are thinking about adding new sod to your lawn this winter, that’s possible as well. Please give us a call and we’ll help you choose the best variety for colder weather sodding.



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