The Hy-Performing Grass Blend

HY-PERFORMANCE BLUE brings together the benefits of two types of turfgrass with the perfect blend of bluegrass and hybrids.

HY-PERFORMANCE BLUE has been assembled with proven varieties that will satisfy the needs of the sports turf manager, the park and recreation manager as well as the homeowner looking for a great-looking lawn.

We are driven to deliver a turf that will provide safe and quality turf surfaces for a variety of uses. HY-PERFORMANCE BLUE has been compromised of nearly equal portions of the following turfgrasses:


Kentucky bluegrass grown at our sod farm has high tiller density, providing a thick carpet that will stand up to the abuses of high traffic associated with parks and athletic fields. Mallard’s dwarf growth characteristics result in fewer mowings and reduced maintenance costs.


demonstrates high density combined with strong drought tolerance. This bluegrass grown at our sod farm provides a dark green turf without excessive use of fertilizer, and has an outstanding spring green up, along with excellent disease resistance.


Kentucky Bluegrass possesses a low compact growth habit, making it ideal for short cut applications such as sports fields, and has been among Graff’s Turf’s most popular choices as a lawn supplier for professional football and baseball fields. Bewitched has a dark green color and is highly resistant to dollar spot, leaf spot and stem rust. Rated #1 in wear tolerance in 2005 NTEP turf trials.


Texas & Kentucky bluegrass hybrid grown on our sod farm combines the extensive rhizomes and heat and drought tolerance of Texas bluegrass with the turf quality and density of Kentucky bluegrass. Sports fields and parks will benefit from its high performance.

HY-Performance Blue Benefits

Strong disease resistance
High drought resistance
Ideal for sports fields and parks
Can be used in shade and sun
Reduced fertilizer inputs


Mowing: HY-Performance Blue should be maintained at a height of 1-3/4” or higher, with a recommended rate of mowing rate of every 5-7 days.

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