Durable Tall Fescue

GTF Tall Fescue is a dark green, rhizome rich, turf-type tall fescue that has proven its hardiness in Colorado, withstanding both the cold winters and the hot summers. It is well adapted to climates throughout the Transition Zone, Midwest, South, West and Northeast on a wide variety of soil types. This semi-dwarf, fine textured grass is lower- maintenance and lower-growing than traditional bluegrass pallets of sod. When partnered with a sandy soil, this grass can save the customer about 15-20% on water bills.
GTF Tall Fescue has high endophyte levels for insect resistance and has excellent resistance to Brown Patch and Pink Patch. All this makes these pallets of sod suitable for use in lower use home lawns, commercial areas, parks, and golf course roughs where wear tolerance and water conservation are a consideration.

Shady Areas

One of tall fescue’s most desirable qualities is its ability to handle more shade than most other pallets of sod grown in Colorado and other Mountain regions. However, please remember that each shade situation is unique and might require some equally unique attention.


After establishment, GTF Tall Fescue needs approximately 1 inch of water per week, either from natural rainfall or irrigation. In shady areas this grass will not need as much water. However, for soils with heavy sand content, it’s possible that the grass will need more than 1 inch per week because the soil won’t hold enough moisture.


Tall Fescue requires a low to medium nitrogen application with 2-4 pounds per 1000 square feet of actual Nitrogen per year in most situations. This amount should be separated into three applications throughout the growing season. Please visit our website for proper fertilization instructions.


During the more aggressive growing months, this grass needs to be mowed once every 1 to 2 weeks. The prime growing/mowing height is between 2“ and 3″. Remember that you should not cut more than 1/3 of a grass blade off in any one mowing, in order to minimize the stress on the grass. For best results, be sure the mower blade is sharp each time you mow to avoid damage to the blades of turf.

GTF Tall Fescue

One of tall fescue’s most desirable qualities is its ability to handle more shade than most other turfgrasses ...

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