Pre-Installation Procedure
  • Determine the plan for your project. How much? Where? What Type? Order materials and supplies?
  • Coordinate to identify underground utilities (i.e., electrical, gas, phone, sprinkler).
  • Identify and locate sprinklers. Either cap or mark the ones that are not needed.
Installation Procedure

- Tear out.

  • Recommended machinery: Sod cutter, dingo, mud buggy, skid steer, walk behind skid, motorized wheelbarrow.
  • Excavation and disposal of existing areas.
  • Remove debris to 4" depth below final grade (where you want top of grass). 
  • Sub grade - compact using motorized hand tamper. Plate compactor. Minimum of two passes, two directions.

- Prepare base

  • Install edging.
    • Bender boards. Metal or composite. Pavers or Limestone.
  • Install Geotextile fabric. Staple down every  4"-6" with landscape staples. Overlapped by at least 4 inches. To provide stabilization of the base.
  • Install base layers.
    • 2" approved aggregate sub base aggregate. 
    • Crushed concrete, decomposed granite (has soil), crushed granite, crushed asphalt, crushed limestone and. Two layers - can be the same or different. 
    • Should not be 100% of decomposed granite. 
  • Regardless of base, it should have a top inch to be a granite base. Plate compacted and water pact (as needed). 
  • If using padding, reduce depth of the sub-base to ensure 2".
  • Install padding if needed. More exception than rule. Nail down with 6" common nails (same used with turf).
  • 2" approved sand (required for putting green), decomposed granite, crushed granite, sand. Plate compacted and water pact (as needed). Silica sand is preferred.

- Install turf

  • Inspect and prepare turf.
  • Layout and pre-groom (power brush). 
  • Rough cut turf panels to approximate size.
  • Confirm sketches to the final project to determine actual cuts.
  • Layout panels and line up seams. Cut off two rows on each side.
  • Temporary nail seams and seam tape. 
  • Install nail/pins, nails 10" away from seam on each side. 
  • Layout seam tape.
  • Add weight to the seam and nail seams using bag of sand, minimum 1 hour. 
  • Zig zag every 10 inches, 20 inches on each side.
  • Apply infill. Up to 9" from edges with silica sand or envirofil. 
  • Nail seams and perimeter.
  • Trim and hand groom edges.
  • Power groom.
  • Clean up.
Post-Installation Spring and Fall Maintenance Procedure
  • Remove debris.
  • Maintain seams and edges.
  • Apply infill if needed.
  • High-powered brush and grooming.
Relax and Enjoy Procedure
  • Congrats! You’ve joined our mission, Convert 2 Conserve to save time, money, H2O, and our precious environment.
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