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As a Denver landscape architect, Graff's Turf is a professional in creating a beautiful landscape design for your outdoor space. Based on our Colorado climate and listening to what our clients need, we work closely with the seed companies to develop and produce the sod products that best meet those needs. Due to the need for water conservation in Colorado and the surrounding states, we provide the right options for turfgrass sod that will consume less water. These products range from Hybrid Texas bluegrass to improved varieties of Tall Fescue and Fine Fescue. Wear tolerance and sustainability of usage have been the driving force in the development of our GTF Bluegrass blends that can be used on any sports complex, school grounds, or parks and recs. The varieties in our Bluegrass blend also lend to more efficient use of water and better cold and heat tolerance making them a great choice for your clients and our climate. GTF bluegrass is a great product for any commercial or residential project.

If natural turf/sod is not the answer for your specific project we also provide artificial turf. Working closely with the manufacturers we provide a product that will serve all projects from commercial, golf, and sports to residential and a special product for pets.


Graff’s Turf offers full-service landscape architecture in Denver CO, along with professional sod distribution and installation service. We offer professional landscape architecture design solutions in sodding, as well as soil preparation and grading. As professional landscape architects, our primary goal is to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that meet the unique needs of each Denver Colorado landscaping client. Whether working with homeowners or Denver area business owners, our best landscape architects always take a holistic and well-considered approach to landscape design. This means our landscape designer carefully considers the layout, materials, placement of structures, lighting, and other factors that can affect how the landscape functions and looks over time. Perhaps most importantly, landscape architects must stay up-to-date on the latest trends in landscape design so that they can deliver innovative and effective results for their clients. With our experience and expertise in landscape architecture, land planning, and environmental design, we are confident in our ability to help your project succeed.

We strive to build and maintain some of the best relationships in the industry with local landscapers. All our products are readily available for pickup at our convenient location Northeast of Denver. We work swiftly and efficiently to ensure that landscape design projects close to completion stay on schedule. Our friendly, knowledgeable Denver CO landscape design support staff is here to assist you with all of your sodding, landscape maintenance, and landscape design needs. From small backyards to large projects, we can recommend the right sod for your landscape design needs and budget, and follow through with expert soil prep and installation services.


We pride ourselves on the quality of services we provide to all of our commercial landscaping industry clients for the past 40 years. We understand the need to keep your commercial projects on schedule and we work tirelessly to ensure that you have the sod to install and maintain quality landscaping and commercial sodding services for your customers.

The right sod product is crucial to the success of your landscape design projects. Our premium sods and big roll installations (where space permits) can transform any landscape project into one that you will be proud to share with even more potential customers.

At Graff’s, our Denver CO sod installers are fully trained in handling our products and following our landscape design installation procedures. We work to establish a schedule to ensure your project stays on schedule every time and fulfills your landscaping needs. Our Denver crew members have all the necessary supplies and equipment to complete the job. Combined with a dedicated company truck fleet that is committed to making sure your sod is delivered in a timely and professional manner.

We also understand that precise grading is crucial to the quality and longevity of any Denver CO sod project. Our installation equipment is always up-to-date and in good repair and will not rut the soil that has been properly prepared. Installing big rolls on steep terrain and around obstacles is no problem for us. The finished job will look seamless and natural in its place.

Take a moment to look at all of our quality sod products and contact us with any questions you may have. We cultivate all our turf products and provide a variety of blends. Our expert staff is available to ensure you get the right product for your project.

Graff's Turf is a Denver CO landscape architecture firm specializing in the design and installation of natural turfgrasses. We believe that turfgrasses are an essential element of a healthy landscape, providing beauty, function, and environmental design and benefits. As landscape architects, we believe healthy fresh sod helps to stabilize the soil, preventing erosion and runoff while ensuring landscape maintenance remains simple. At Graff's Turf, our landscape architects keep these benefits in mind when performing landscape design. Our landscape architects use only the highest quality turfgrasses, which are selected for their ability to thrive in our local climate. We install our turf using best practices for water conservation and sustainable landscape management.

Our goal is to create Denver CO landscape designs that are beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible. Contact our landscape architects today to learn more about how we can help you create your dream landscape design!

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