Pro Vista Bluegrass

Scotts® ProVistaTM Premium Kentucky Bluegrass is a newly released product from Scotts® Miracle-Gro. This premium bluegrass blend has been developed to save time, money, and inputs. Its shade performance allows it to not only be used in direct sun but also in other places with moderate shade, where conventional Kentucky Bluegrass would not typically be suitable. ProVistaTM has been genetically developed to maintain its green color and dense canopy with less fertility needs. This turfgrass variety has been engineered to allow a wider range of weed control options without damage to the turf, while its dense canopy and superior root structure crowd out competing weeds naturally. ProVistaTM requires 50% less mowing compared to conventional Kentucky Bluegrass.


Low Mowing Requirements

Excellent Shade Performance

Easy Weed Control


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