We are happy to work with you to complete the install and save you the money involved with the early planning stages. Follow these steps to get your yard or area prepared the right way to make sure your sod can thrive.


For large installation areas with at least a 9 foot access, we offer 4′ by 100′ rolls that eliminate 80% of the seams created by other products and installation methods. For smaller areas, we offer versatile, easy-to-handle 2’ x 5’ rolls that are expertly-installed. Our professional installation services include top-quality sod, delivery, and installation along with a thorough cleanup.

All of our installers are fully trained in handling our products and following our installation procedures. Tear-out services, soil prep, and grading are also available for an additional fee. Hand-carry fees also apply in areas not accessible by forklift. Contact us today to discuss the details and request a free onsite estimate.


Harvesting and installing big rolls at 4’ wide by 100’ long will result in a drastic reduction in seams and seam appearance. The larger segment size also allows you to enjoy the full benefit of your new lawn or landscape in less time than traditional methods.

Big rolls will stay in place better than standard-sized rolls. Each roll weighs approximately 2,100 lbs and requires specialized equipment to install. Call today for a free no-obligation visit to see if big rolls is an option that fits your needs.


We also offer sod tear out, disposal, soil preparation and grading.  We will tear out your existing grass and haul off the spoils, if your project requires it.  Our soil preparation includes 3-4 cubic yards of compost per 1,000sq ft that is incorporated in to your existing soil.  We also offer fine grading and fertilization to complete the process for sod installation.

Enjoy your new lawn!


Measure for Sod
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