It's helpful to know that the tiles can handle the weight of the car lift, but it is not recommended due to the expansion and contraction properties of the polypropylene tiles. The expansion and contraction of the tiles can potentially affect their stability and integrity when placed directly under the posts of a car lift. To accommodate for this, you suggest cutting around the posts, allowing for the necessary movement of the tiles and preventing any potential issues. 

Taking such precautions and allowing for the expansion and contraction of the tiles is important to maintain their overall performance and durability. It helps to prevent buckling or shifting of the tiles, ensuring a stable and reliable flooring surface. While it is possible to install a four-post car lift on Swisstrax tiles by cutting around the posts, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines for proper installation and maintenance. Additionally, consulting with a professional car lift installer or a representative from Swisstrax can provide specific advice based on their expertise and experience. By providing this information, you demonstrate your commitment to ensuring the long-term performance and safety of the Swisstrax tiles, as well as the proper functioning of the car lift. It's always advisable to take the necessary precautions and seek expert advice when considering the installation of heavy equipment on any type of flooring system.

Our Ribtrax product line is recommended for outdoor applications. The understructure and profile of the Ribtrax product line allow for the tile to expand and contract within itself. Our virgin polypropylene is also UV stabilized for longevity.

All our premium polypropylene products are 100% UV stabilized with color pigment mixed into our material prior to our 4-point injection molding process.

Every garage is unique. The best tile will be the tile style that will fit your individual needs. Factors that play into choosing the perfect tile style for your garage will be things such as climate, application size, preferred aesthetics and any auto mechanics that may be performed. Our most popular tile style is currently our polypropylene Ribtrax product line. Your personal flooring specialist is the best resource to use when making the final decision on functionality.

Swisstrax is a simple, “Do It Yourself” project that anyone can install. Typically, a standard two car garage will take approximately 4 hours. However, if you do not want to install your Swisstrax tiles yourself, we can refer an approved installer near you. Watch our Swisstrax garage install video here:

Recommended tools would be a Sharpie pen, tape measure and a fine-toothed blade electrical saw for cutting Swisstrax tiles in a wall to wall installation. For an additional cost you may also rent a Swisstrax tile cutter.

Designed with the finest Swiss engineering over 20 years ago, Swisstrax was brought to Southern California in 2005, where it has been owned, manufactured and managed since.

We are proudly manufactured in North America and Europe. California established in 2005, Vancouver established in 2013 and France established in 2017.


At VersaCourt, not only are we happy to work with our customers in whatever way works best for them, but our court preparation and packing process is designed to make installation as easy as possible.  Once you have a solid, flat surface on which to place the court, the actual installation of the VersaCourt is relatively simple. Download installation instructions.

Local municipalities and neighborhoods may have regulations related to the size of your court and its proximity to the property line so it is wise to contact your local government and/or homeowners association before starting a construction project. It is also wise to consider how drainage, lighting and fencing may impact your neighbors so that you can avoid any future issues.

The centralized nature of our design, court preparation and packing process makes the court installation process very simple but our local dealers are still the ideal option for those customers looking for on-site design assistance and a turnkey solution.

There are instances when costs, ordinance restrictions or permeable surface limits require our customers to consider alternative base options. We now offer a concrete alternative called Foundation Panel. These panels can be placed directly over turf or compact stone to provide a permeable and more stable base option than compacted stone.

For most courts we recommend using a 4” thick concrete base with #4 rebar reinforcement. Concrete bases tend to be extremely durable and maximize playability. Asphalt surfaces offer similar performance initially, but have a much short lifespan than concrete bases. VersaCourt now offers a Foundation Panel that can be placed over turf or a stone base. Learn more about your base options with VersaCourt.

As with any construction project, the time to build a VersaCourt will vary depending on a number of variables. The actual laying of the court tile surface can almost always be accomplished within one day’s time. The time required to build the concrete or asphalt court base is typically the most time consuming part and it is affected by the amount of excavation required, access to the area, weather and time to get permits and approvals. The installation of fences, lights and goal/net posts will also affect the installation time.

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